Advanced Detailing

With International Aero Products - Formulated For Aircraft Perfect For Your Car

International Aero Products has spent over 30 years researching and developing the most advanced aviation detailing products. With 12 specialised products that cater to all detailing requirements and approved and accepted by aviation giants such as Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream & Bombardier the products cannot come any higher by way of recommendation.

ADAM is the only authorised agent of International Aero Products in the Kingdom. The main reason for this is that the products have to be applied in a very specific manner. Therefore – the technicians at ADAM understand the science of detailing such as the specific angles to buff and what products to use in specific scenarios as every surface is unique. Our team is constantly being trained and we pride ourselves on attention to detail.

ADAM can proudly say that there is no other company in the Kingdom that have technicians that are trained to detail aircraft with specialised aero products that can also detail your automobile or marine vehicle…not to forget we can also do all sorts of aircraft!

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Our Packages


This is an complete exterior detailing package
  • Exterior Wash With Special Soap
  • Any Bugs & Road Tar Is Removed
  • Rims Are Washed & Cleaned With Advanced Cleaning Agents
  • Paint Imperfections Rectified With Clay Bar
  • Paint Spots & Swirls Removed By Advanced Buffing
  • Tires & Wheel Wells Are Cleaned & Detailed
  • Advanced Formulation Wax Is Applied
  • Interior Is Vacuumed
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A total interior detailing package
  • Vacuum All Carpets
  • Steam Clean All Carpets & Floor Mats
  • Clean All Upholstery As Well As Steam Clean
  • Clean And Condition All Leather/Vinyl
  • Complete Dashboard Detailing
  • Complete Headliner Cleaning
  • All Windows & Glass Surfaces Are Cleaned
  • Door Jambs Cleaned & Detailed
  • Air Freshener Applied
  • Exterior Wash
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